Leveraging mobile AR tech to boost engagement with a measurable, multichannel content platform.

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Multichannel Engagement

XROnScene uses 3D models from the real world (digital twins) to create an advanced, interactive menu system that houses any kind of content.

With live events and travel being canceled, brands need to engage remote audiences in new ways. Our platform combines mobile AR tech with creative content distribution to create a new impact on direct-to-consumer entertainment.

Bringing Augmented Reality To your customers

AR OnScene Platform

Engage your audience, drive downloads, boost retention, and build out your existing mobile app

XROnScene enables you to use digital twins in 3D environments to display multimedia content via an engaging, interactive AR menu system.

360 video + AR + Live Stream

Multimedia AR Experience

AR vs. VR vs. MR… We say all of it.

From immersive multimedia to live-reports, this presentation helps users navigate real-world locations using AR or VR devices. Access a variety of content types, like 360 video and photos, 2D video, live-streaming video, social media content, all housed and accessible from one location.

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Advanced CMS

Real-time database supports live updates to the app.

XROnScene uses an advanced Content Management and Distribution System to share, display, and push updates of any content type; Live.  This advanced spatial computing menu system combines all content into the same screen at the same time, without ever needing to leave the app.

Red Bull Rampage

Red Bull TV used XR Media Group to enhanced its live event broadcast by integrating an interactive AR experience on Android, iOS, and web. Through the experience, consumers could see through the lens of the mountain bikers from a table top mountain.

"AR delivers exceptionally high attention levels - 45% higher than the average we see for TV viewing or general online browsing."

Heather Andrew
CEO, Neuro-Insight UK

"64% of marketers are already using or expecting to use AR and VR in the near future.”

The Drum

“AR tops list of tech that makes users view a brand as innovative…”

Mobile Marketer

“For brands to get the most out of XR experiences, it’s essential that they can measure their impact. This means creating appropriate KPIs to generate meaningful measurement…”

Isobar XR Playbook

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