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Front and back end development, distribution & content analytics solutions for AR, VR, BroadcastAR, XR Caves, Live Streaming and more.

AR Development

Our AR development services extend to cover any creative solution. From Snap lenses to WebAR for retail, we’re equipped to develop for any Augmented Reality project.

VR Development

Designing immersive projects for headset distribution requires a deep understanding of the Virtual Reality experience, and our team has been speaking this language for the past decade. We build apps that can be distributed across platforms, or for specific installation experiences where quality and render power is what matters most.

CMS Development

Our dynamic Content Management System provides secure, encrypted connections to the data that our client apps access without requiring a huge download from the user. We built our application architecture with a dynamic hub and spoke concept, permitting assets (like 3D props, menus, and environments) to be updated on the CMS without a new release of the client, and allowing large assets (like HD videos or detailed models) to stream without exceeding App Store storage limitations. The XRMG CMS also integrates a realtime database which gives apps the ability to monitor dynamic data like leaderboards, biometrics or instrument sensors with live updates.

Analytics Tools

All of this tech isn’t created to simply make pretty pictures; the brands we work with have specific KPIs that will determine how successful their immersive project was, and how it will be adjusted in future iterations. In addition to a common set of analytics reports available for every app regarding CMS usage (type of device, number of sessions, length of sessions, country of origin) , custom metrics can be built for each app that are uniquely relevant (eg: measuring how long a user spends in a certain area or if their gaze lines up with certain key objects).  


Our immersive production capabilities come from over a decade of experience in VR live streaming & cinematic, and Emmy nominated Broadcast AR with live-tracked cameras. From pre-production planning and creative, to broadcast integration and delivery, we cover any or all aspects of the immersive production pipeline.

Virtual Production

From content creation to on-site management, our Emmy Award nominated Virtual Production services team will guide you through the process to ensure that you’re taking advantage of this exciting new technology in all of the right ways. See our Virtual Production tech [link] for more information.

Cinematic 360 Video

The first Emmy for a 360º video project was awarded in 2016 to Taylor Swift for her Blank Spaces immersive project, and our team powered the tech behind the production. Our calbre in 360º video comes from years of experience creating immersive productions for top tier brands around the world, and we bring the same level of expertise and passion to every 360 project.

Live Streaming 360 Video

Our team is made up of the pioneers of live-streaming 360 video, going back to the very first 360º live stream in the world back in 2008. We’ve been doing this for over a decade, with projects like the 2016 Rio Olympics, 2017 X Games, Nobel Peace Prize Concert, Oscars/Golden Globes/Grammys Red Carpets, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and many more under our belts. If you’re thinking of expanding your event from inside the stadium to a virtual audience, we can help you from concept to execution.

End-to-End Production and Development Services

We aren’t just a technology company; our creative department has developed immersive concepts for some of the largest XR activations in the world. Let us work with you from discovery, through logistics and planning, all the way to delivery and measurement.

Environment Creation

Creating and optimizing 3D models and environments for use in any XR project, from photogrammetry through optimization and decimation for the final 3D model.

3D Modeling

Our 3D modelers come from a background of experience that’s capable of handling projects of any size. Whether it’s simple optimization and decimation of large models for AR or designing characters and environments from the ground up, we can help at any phase of development or handle an end-to-end pipeline.


Whether you’re looking to capture an environment for your AR project or as a baseline for photoreal game engine development, our photogrammetry capabilities provide you with the starting point for any asset creation workflow. 

Global Reach,
Local Touch

Having a strong network of global partners is key in the COVID-19 environment.

Fortunately, ourpartnerships and industry friendships have enabled us to provide COVID safe workspaces aroundthe globe. We are happy to talk through our COVID safe protocols.

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Brands need to engage remote audiences in new ways, with live events and travel being cancelled. XROnScene uses digital twins to display interactive content in an AR environment.Engage your audience, drive up downloads, boost retention and build out your existing app.

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Virtual Production

We guide our clients through this new frontier. Knowing the opportunities and applications of Virtual Production will help your whole production team fully appreciate the benefits. XMRG boils down the options and presents a plan to fit the budget and creative needs.

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