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An immersive solutions group pairing creative & technical talent with proven XR strategies

Our Mission

In (XR)

We believe that extended reality (XR) mediums will transform experience, and the intersection of the digital and physical worlds will forever change media and business.

We love working with our clients to help define their goals, design a creative solution, and pair it with an immersive technology, develop that solution, and deliver it to their audience.

Our Principles

Use advanced tech to immerse the audience and complement story

Available Careers

Senior Real-Time Environment Artist

US and Canada

XR Media Group has remote full and part-time positions available and is looking for a senior real-time environment artist with a range of experience to join our growing team. We encourage applications from people of diverse backgrounds. As XR Media Group grows, it offers team members the potential to financially participate in the studio’s growth through competitive salaries, bonuses, and options.

Key Responsibilities:
• Building highly detailed, photorealistic, Real-Time Environments that are beautifully lit for Virtual Production, Film, and TV
• Modelling a range of different assets, from hard-surface to organic to Photorealistic levels 
• UV unwrapping and creating textures for models, as well as optimizing the geometry 
• Driving the R&D environment pipeline and maintaining a strong knowledge of the latest tools and processes 
• Working closely with the Art Lead to ensure all assets maintain high quality and consistency across projects 
• Contributing innovative ideas to help improve our pipeline and workflow
• Mentoring less experienced members of staff
• Deliver high-quality work for customers, both on-site and remotely
• Collaborate with the sales and marketing teams to win new business

Required Skills / Experience:

• Experience with VR hardware like Oculus and Vive
• Experience working with Unreal Engine (Unity is a plus)
• Experience with Unreal Blueprints
• Sequencing and animation experience in UE4
• Experience working with Maya / 3DSMax / Blender
• Experience with Photoshop & Substance Painter 
• Model optimization knowledge
• Experience within commercial production pipelines
• Strong eye for detail 


• Experience with Substance Designer 
• Experience with Reality Capture and photogrammetry pipelines 
• Familiarity with virtual reality head-mounted displays and motion controllers 
• History of working within rapid prototyping environments, such as game jams 
• A real passion for emerging technology, films, and other creative mediums
• Highly committed and able to work independently and as a team
• Positive attitude towards learning and sharing
• Extremely organized with excellent attention to detail
• Deadline oriented; able to work in a fast-paced environment
• Able to solve problems as they arise and remain calm in high-pressure situations

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Senior Unity Developer

US & Canada

XR Media Group is looking to add a seasoned app developer to our team. The successful candidate will have several years of experience working with Unity engine, as well as a good working knowledge of the tools and languages that support it.

Key Responsibilities:
• Several years working as a game engine or gameplay developer in Unity.

• Excellent object-oriented programming skills in a language such as C#, C++ or Java.

• Working knowledge of relevant data structures and algorithms (search and sort techniques, algorithmic complexity and similar).

• Familiarity with dynamic asset loading, addressables, LOD using cloud services from providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and similar.

• Familiar with video, streaming and I/O

• A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a related field.

• Experience writing AR or VR applications.

• Mobile application development experience.

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