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At Our Core

We are a culture fueled by curiosity.

A Technical Creative group helping shape the future of extended reality technology. With App development, Live broadcast, Creative design, and Production capabilities. We believe that extended reality (XR) mediums will transform experience, and the intersection of the digital and physical worlds will forever change media and business.

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Transforming the art and craft

Virtual Production is revolutionizing content creation

Now is the time to learn and activate virtual production capabilities, volumetric capture, creative uses of photogrammetry, and LED stages. The technique requires many pieces to be configured correctly, and we're here to help you get up to speed.

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We deliver an immersive experience through innovative design and inventive technologies.

IP Into Technology

We add value to your existing IP by creating a new ecosystem of opportunities for monetization and/or sponsorship.

In turn helping to define your brand strategy and its future in experiential direct-to-consumer content distribution.

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Quality Content

This is not technology for technology's sake.

Our creative team works with our clients to take their ideas and help them become compelling to engage an immersive audience. Humblebrag, this creative insight mixed with technical know-how, has garnered our team and clients many awards and nominations. Including most recently a 2020 Emmy win for Outstanding Digital Innovation, and a 2020 AWE Auggie Nomination.

“Over the next two years, XR is expected to grow eightfold, reaching an estimated market size of more than $209 billion by 2022“

Forbes, 2019

“80% of executives believe it will be important to leverage XR solutions to close the gap of physical distance when engaging with employees and customers.“

Accenture Extended Reality Summary

“The advent of extended reality is revamping the way people experience the physical and the virtual environments, from observation to immersion… XR experience caters to business issues and creates innovative solutions to add efficiency and increase productivity to meet critical client needs.“

Mordor Intelligence XR Market Report

"You rarely have a new technology where business and consumer both see it as key to them… that's the reason that I think it's going to pervade your life."

Tim Cook
CEO, Apple

"Companies that rely on physical experiences and spaces will likely be challenged to reinvent their practices and content to ensure they are more agile and prepared when the next crisis eventually comes. Doing so can unlock new opportunities, capabilities, and experiences that can expand revenues while building resiliency."

Deloitte COVID-19 Outlook for the Media & Entertainment Industry


Brands need to engage remote audiences in new ways, with live events and travel being cancelled. XROnScene uses digital twins to display interactive content in an AR environment. Engage your audience, drive up downloads, boost retention and build out your existing app.

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Virtual Production

We guide our clients through this new frontier. Knowing the opportunities and applications of Virtual Production will help your whole production team fully appreciate the benefits. XMRG boils down the options and presents a plan to fit the budget and creative needs.

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Our Team

We work as an extension of your team to make sure that we’re not only using the best technology available but that we’re using the right technology for the right reasons.

We deliver from a technical as well as a content perspective. Our world-class team of experienced professionals can work with tight timelines to turn around projects quickly, and will use our experience to help guide our clients through these new technologies.

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